Samantha Snabes

Samantha Lynne Snabes is a young professional supporting JSC Space Life Science Strategic Planning and Innovation. After graduating U of MI Dearborn with a BA in International Studies and a BS in Biology, she continued her studies by working towards an MBA and starting a small biotech company based on a tissue culture technology she invented as an undergraduate. Currently, Samantha dedicates her time to working as the Deputy Strategist within Space Life Sciences, volunteering as a firefighter, running and mentoring underserved youth.

Broadcast 1271 (Special Edition)

Guests: Samantha Snabes, Jason Aranha. Topics: Go Boldly Campaign, human spaceflight, NASA. Our program today focused on the Go Boldly Campaign started by young aerospace industry professionals to urge our elected representatives to provide increased funding for NASA's human spaceflight programs. Our guests, Samantha Snabes and Jason Aranha, both part of the Go Boldly Campaign in Houston, were with us to talk about this program and their respective perspectives on space development, NewSpace, NASA and our civil space program, and human spaceflight.

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