Sam Burbank

Sam Burbank is a science-writer and science-documentary filmmaker. Mr. Burbank has worked with PBS, Discovery Channel, and has produced and written two dozen programs for the National Geographic, ranging from renewable energy to the X-Prize. Sam studied creative writing at San Francisco State University, and is a long time member of AAAS. He has spent three summers on Devon Island, near the magnetic north pole, and was a member of the founding crew of the Mars Society FMARS station in 2001. In 2002 he joined a crew at the MDRS station for the one-of-a-kind ICoMP experiment Sam loves snowboarding, journal writing, and dancing a fast 1930's swing step, the Balboa. In 1995, he and wife Linda spent their honeymoon riding a motorcycle to the arctic circle. Some notable quotes about Mr. Burbank include the following: "Sam Burbank is elevating the video-journal to an art genre." Kim Stanley Robinson, author Antarctica, Red Mars. "Sam is a true artist, who makes visible to the eye what before could only be seen by the mind." Robert Zubrin, author The Case for Mars, Entering Space.

Broadcast 180 (Special Edition)

Sam Burbank, science writer and documentary filmmaker was the guest for this edition of The Space Show. Mr. Burbank discussed the making of space documentary films, National Geographic, and the importance of space development. We also talked about the importance of Mars Analog sites here on Earth, why the Earth is actually a better training ground for going to Mars than the Moon, and why going to Mars with humans has little to do with first going back to the Moon with humans, which is also very important. Mr.

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