Rosamund Combs-Bachmann

Rosamund Combs-Bachmann is currently the Assistant Program Coordinator/Communications Director for the Mars Gravity Biosatellite project. She holds a BS in Biology and English from Guilford College. Rosamund joined the Mars Gravity team in the fall of 2005, and her work since then has included public relations, web development, recruiting, science operations, educational outreach, and fundraising. In her spare time she enjoys traveling and dancing.

Broadcast 661 (Special Edition)

Erika Wagner, Thaddeus R. F. Fulford-Jones, and Rosie Combs-Bachmann were the guests for this program to discuss the Mars Gravity Biosatellite Project. To learn more about this project, visit the following websites: (1) and (2) Our Mars Gravity Team explained the program in detail to us, answered many questions about the moustronaut planned experiments, and about sending your name or logo to space on their vehicle in 2010.

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