Robert Scaringe

Bob Scaringe is the President of AVG Communications a marketing consulting firm doing business in the aerospace industry. Bob left the military in 1976 as a Captain in the Army Signal Corps and then developed a deep background in sales and marketing. Bob spent 8 years with Corning in marketing and new business development roles. He then worked for Electromagnetic Sciences an aerospace subcontractor from 1984-1999 growing new business ventures. Bob currently utilizes his marketing expertise in his consulting business helping small companies grow revenue and profitability. His most recent work was with the NASA Institute of Advanced Concepts (NIAC) helping NIAC fellows gain funding to advance their research. Bob holds a BA in Geology and an MBA in Management.

Broadcast 1040 (Special Edition)

Guest: Robert (Bob) Scaringe was the guest for this Space Show program to discuss the long-term goals which are needed for the public support of our space policy. Bob has defined the type of both short-term and long-term goals needed to create more grassroots support of our space policy. Referencing several studies from the public, he shows that such grass roots support is currently not there to take the NASA budget to a 1% of the federal budget, which would allow for research and the types of programs and goals that he talks about in his AIAA paper and presentation.

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