Robert Noteboom

Robert Noteboom is the Chairman of the Space Frontier Foundation, a media and policy organization dedicated to opening the space frontier to human settlement as quickly as possible. He has been Chairman for the past two years and has been an active member in the organization since 1992. During that period, he was the conference chairman for the organization's first and third annual conferences, the Space Frontier Conference. He also chaired the banquet at the second annual conference which introduced the Space Frontier Awards. In the late eighties, he was an early space entrepreneur and co-founder MicroSat Launch Systems, which was developing a launch vehicle to serve the small satellite market. Prior to that, he worked as an Aerospace Engineer at NASA's Johnson Space Center. He currently works at a large aerospace firm where he has held various technical and management positions over the past twelve years.

Broadcast 153 (Special Edition)

Robert Noteboom, the Chairman of the Space Frontier Foundation (SFF), was the guest on this edition of The Space Show. Mr. Noteboom discussed the SFF in detail, the coming SFF conference in Los Angeles from Oct. 10-12 and how to attend and make reservations for it, the conference agenda, and the significance and importance of both the SFF and this conference. In addition, we explored many topics relevant not only to the theme of The Space Show, but becoming space-faring.

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