Robert Black

Robert A. Black was born in the middle of the space race, and still remembers when his parents got him out of bed one night so he could watch the first astronauts walking on the Moon. He has been writing for children since 1985, when he joined the staff of the Nickelodeon cable program, You Can't Do That On Television. In recent years, he has switched to writing novels for middle-grade readers. His third book, Lunar Pioneers, tells the story of a 22nd Century family that moves to a colony at the Moon's South Pole, comparing their experience to that of the settlers who tamed the American frontier. Mr. Black also has a degree in mechanical engineering and mathematics from Vanderbilt University, and has spent twenty years in manufacturing as a designer/drafter, lab test engineer, project manager, engineering manager and quality assurance manager. Author Website –

Broadcast 1038 (Special Edition)

Guest: Robert Black, author of "Lunar Pioneers," was the guest for this Space Show program. His book is written for the middle grades of 5th-9th grade. Visit his website, for ordering details, information on his others books, and more. As Robert wrote nine scripts for the Nickelodeon show, "You Can't Do That On Television," almost the entire first segment of the show was focused on this program, writing TV scripts, and Green Slime!

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