Rishabh Maharaja

Rishabh Maharaja is currently the deputy flight operations team lead for the EO-1 mission at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and an adjunct professor for the Astronautical Engineering Department at Capitol Technology University (CTU). Rishabh received his Masters of Science degree in Astronautical Engineering from Capitol Technology University (CTU) and developed the concept for Project Hermes at CTU and was the Principal Investigator for project Hermes. Rishabh and his team were able to:

1.         Establish Wi-Fi network in space for system bus use

2.         Pair an Android smartphone in space to an Iridium-based Wi-Fi hotspot device

3.         Use & program applications (such as Iridium and various Android automation apps) available in the Google Play store to function as our Flight Software (FSW).

4.         Use TCP / IP devices (smartphone & smartwatch (used by Aaron Bush)) on the ground as our Telemetry & Command System.

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