Rick Citron

Rick Citron is an attorney and partner in Citron & Deutsch in Los Angeles, CA. He is also an entrepreneur with a special interest in space commercialization. He has contributed to the success stories of hundreds of companies, utilizing his experience and the synergy of a carefully nurtured network of professionals throughout the world. Mr. Citron's support and counsel have fostered positive business relationships and created an entrepreneurial client base for his firm, Citron and Deutsch. He continues to share his knowledge and experience through guest seminars on raising capital, technology, and the law. Mr. Citron graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 1966 with a Bachelor of Science degree in statistics. He obtained his Master of Business Administration degree in marketing from U.C. Berkeley in 1967 and, in 1970, his Juris Doctor degree from UCLA. He was an Assistant Professor of business statistics, marketing and business law at California State University, Northridge, from 1968 to 1973, and an Instructor of Corporations at Western State University, 1970-1973. Rick built his first micrograin rockets in the late 1950's and assisted his brother, Bob Citron, in the formation and capitalization of Spacehab, Inc. and Kistler Aerospace Corporation. Mr. Citron abilities, understanding, guidance, and counseling for space entrepreneurs is without a doubt among the finest if not the finest in the industry and advocacy world.

Broadcast 894 (Special Edition)

Guest: Rick Citron. Rick Citron was the guest for this Space Show program to discuss what it takes to be successful with a space business. This is a must-hear program for space businessmen and women, for entrepreneurs, or those considering their own business of any kind. Some of the important business concepts Rick talked about included the need for the entrepreneur to build a team of qualified and experienced people and to have the ability to let go of different jobs and work in favor of those team members who can do these jobs better than the entrepreneur.

Broadcast 805 (Special Edition)

This special program is a simulcast of the 62 Mile Club special event, "Space...it's Closer Than You Think" program which was held Oct. 4, 2007 at the Luxe Hotel in Bel Air, California. You will hear all the terrific talks made during this impressive program which promotes the commercial space industry to future customers, investors and the general public. About 140 people attended the event, networking opportunities were awesome for those in attendance, and The Space Show bring all of the excellent speakers and talks to you.

Broadcast 214 (Special Edition)

Rick Citron treated Space Show listeners to an exceptional ninety minutes of clarity, reality, potential, and optimism regarding commercial space ventures, space entrepreneurism, and the future of such business projects. Mr. Citron discussed in details the essential elements needed for a successful business venture, including a space business venture. These essentials focus on the management team, the comprehensive business plan which includes marketing and more, and the financial component for the venture which specifies the sources for the venture financing. Mr.

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