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Below is the bio submitted by Reid Stowe:

I have been captain of my own Starship Schooner all my life commanding crews into the starry expanse of the oceans.


In 1986 I realized I could sail 1,000 Days non stop at sea without re supply out of site of land and named that mission the Mars Ocean Odyssey. To support that I started studying long duration space psychology and realized by my experience I had unique relevant knowledge beyond that of the establishment.

I did succeed at sailing 1,152 days out of sight of land, satellite verified. Find another person who can go even 352 days and maybe they can go further. This astounding accomplishment is super human beyond what other humans can comprehend or do. This is the kind of leader we need for the Mars mission, someone who can do what no one else has imagined or can do.


I then started the, 

training experienced analog astronauts at sea for two weeks at a time. It was too hard for all of them, except my team that I trained.

I decided to write a manual, The Mars Adaptive Mind of how I departed the touch of the earth/land two years longer than any human ever has. I realized this will be a handbook every long duration astronaut must  know. 


As I read new long duration space psychology, read what astronauts wrote and talked to them I thought, OMG, If I don’t step up and lead them it won’t be as good as it could be.

That is why I stepped up to announce, with my experience, I am the most qualified to lead the way.  Of course there will be great astronauts aboard, but what do they know of isolation and expanse in a dangerous high performance environment for the three years of a Mars Mission? I spent over fifty years practicing meditation and more. I spent 846 days without seeing another human. They have not had the time to learn those higher human skills. I don’t know who can talk with me about what I have leaned.

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