Rabbi Yehuda Grundman

Rabbi Yehuda Grundman is a Senior Instructor at The Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles, CA. Rabbi Yehuda Grundman is one of these rare few, who were personally selected by Rav Berg, Dean of The Kabbalah Center. After finishing his education at the prestigious Yeshivat Kol Yehuda in New York and Toronto, Rabbi Grundman took up his discipleship under Rav Berg, focusing on three major Kabbalistic texts as his area of specialty: The Zohar, the foundational text of Kabbalah, by Shimon Bar Yochai, Kitve Ha'Ari, by Rabbi Isaac Luria, one of the most influential of mystical kabbalistic texts, and Ten Luminous Emanations, by Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag. However, his education goes way beyond the spirito-religious as Yehuda Grundman possesses extensive knowledge in construction engineering, mathematics, and physics. Thus, Yehuda Grundman can span the knowledge from the spiritual science of Kabbalah to the physical sciences. This has made him especially qualified to further discuss with Space Show listeners our intricate relationship between spirituality and modern science, specifically our relationship with space -- not as two divergent or conflicting disciplines -- but two views of the one same Mystery of Creation. Around the world, Rabbi Grundman is sought-after to illumine minds, conducting seminars on Kabbalah and Business, Kabbalah and Healing, and Kabbalah and Human Relations, as well Kabbalistic Meditation, Astrology and other spiritual arts. Space Show listeners are most fortunate to be able to continue exploring our spiritual relationship with space with Rabbi Yehuda Grundman as our special guest for this program.

Broadcast 213 (Special Edition)

Rabbi Yehuda Grundman, Senior Instructor at the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles, was the guest on The Space Show for this program. Rabbi Grundman explained the basis for our spiritual connection to outer-space based on kabbalistic teachings and pre-organized religions. We talked about having the power to dictate to space rather than the opposite being the case which is the situation right now.

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