Pat Bahn

Pat Bahn is the CEO of TGV Rockets and the Washington director of the Suborbital Institute, a trade association aimed at promoting the nascent suborbital launch industry. TGV Rockets is planning a piloted reusable suborbital launch vehicle, thus bringing to the market a new class and generation of rocket that will facilitate the development of space commercialization. Mr. Bahn is also a key member of The Suborbital Institute and an active space advocate.

Broadcast 780 (Special Edition)

Pat Bahn, CEO of TGV Rockets, was the guest for this Space Show program. We began the discussion with Pat updating us with new developments with TGV which focused on the successful completion of critical test firings with their 30,000 lb. engine. These tests were carried out at the NASA Stennis Space Center in Mississippi and focused on the basic ignition and verification issues for the rocket engine which uses JP-8 fuel. Pat discussed at length the reasons behind using JP-8 as well as the significance of conducting these tests at Stennis.

Broadcast 226 (Special Edition)

Pat Bahn, CEO of TGV Rockets, Inc., returned as a guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Bahn updated us on the activities of his company and why he moved it to Norman, Oklahoma as he prepares to begin operations by 2007 as a suborbital launch company. He explained the advantages of being associated with the Oklahoma Spaceport Authority, its financing, and range facilities for vertical launches. Mr. Bahn also discussed space ports in general as many states are building them as well as creating spaceport authority zones for economic development.

Broadcast 120 (Special Edition)

The Suborbital Institute and its director, Pat Bahn, along with Neil Milburn of Armadillo Aerospace, discuss suborbital space flight, policy, the Armadillo suborbital program, the TGV Rockets suborbital program, commercial space ports, and much more. We also discuss the FAA AST, lobbying, and the congressional view of private sector space access in the aftermath of the Columbia accident.

Broadcast 95 (Special Edition)

Pat Bahn and Ed Wright are working with the newly formed Suborbital Institute to further legislation, regulation, insurance, liability, and other relevant issues to expedite the creation of this commercial space industry. This Space Show program talks in-depth about suborbital space flight, the prospects for this new industry, and the work being undertaken by the Suborbital Institute. In addition, Mr. Wright explains in detail the prospects for rocket racing, its current status, and it commercial potential.

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