Olav Zipser

Olav Zipser invented the Freeflying concept. The Freeflying concept since its introduction has created an opportunity for skydivers to fly in new ways. FreeFlyers are Skydivers who do not fall, but fly through the sky. They manipulate the airflow around their body in such way, that incredible pure human - non powered - flight performances and maneuvers are possible. What Freeflyers can do in the sky nowadays, only 15 years ago was practically unimaginable and purely descirbed as a "dream". FreeFly is human Flight. Freefly, the art of Human Flight, started to develop in 1989 with the "father of FreeFly", the German Olav Zipser and found its recognition in the official world of Sports in 1996. (1st official competition: X-Games Pro Tour). The first official FAI nationals were hosted in the year 2000. At the year 2005 FreeFly was 1st times introduced to the Olympic World Games Comittee. With 'Freefly' you will learn to fly your own body freely in every possible direction, orientation and rotation while remaining in control of your flight and trajectory (Olav 1989). Now Olav Zipser is researching requirements and technologies that will soon make him the first Free Flyer to freefly from Space.

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