Norman Gerstein

Norma J. Gerstein is President and Technical Director of NJG, Inc., located in Potomac, MD. NJG provides engineering and management support to DOE and aerospace programs. NJG also provides nuclear and fossil fuel technologies primarily related to National Defense programs through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the U.S. Army Corps of engineers. He has over 40 years of experience in safety oversight, accident investigation, and facility industry processes. He has a broad knowlege and understanding of energy technology systems; components; and facilities with emphasis on design, development, fabrication, and operation of government-owned plants. Norman Gerstein was involved in Strategic Defense institutive (SDI) activities related to energy conversion systems and power supplies for directed and kinetic energy weapons. He was instrumental in the evolving technologies for application to and support of the DOE activities that related to spill test technology and environmentally germane technology requirements that utilized hazardous fluids. Specific systems include Magneto Hydro Dynamics; open and closed cycle gas turbines; and fuel cells for energy conversion power sources. Previously, Norman Gerstein worked as Principal Officer at Gencon. His specific assignments included engineering services associated with evaluating DOE facilities for ground testing of space reactor systems; cross-comparison studies of space reactor test facilities; and preparing management and environmental health and safety plans studies of space reactor test facilities; and preparing management and environmental health and safety plans for the Idaho Chemical Processing Plant. Upon conversion of the U.S. Energy Research and Development Administration to DOE, Norman Gerstein served as Program Manager of the Residual Energy Applications Program tasked with taking the waste heat from the gaseous diffusion plants and converting it into useful energy applications. Norman Gerstein received the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission's Special Act and Service Award. He was a panel member for the External Review Committee which did a report "Unusual Occurrence" on the conduct of operations at Rockwell Hanford Operations Facilities. He has co-authored technical papers associated with his expertise. Norman J. Gerstein attended the U.S. Military Academy. He received a B.S. degree in General Engineering/Chemistry at Grinnell College; and an M.S. degree in Chemistry from the University of Basel in Switzerland. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in California.

Broadcast 1050 (Special Edition)

Guest: Norman J. Gerstein was the guest for this special Space Show program. Mr. Gerstein was deeply involved in Rover/NERVA and we discussed these programs in detail. He was part of the KIWI-TNT team and involved in the cleanup by picking up the debris with a wheelbarrow and tongs. Norm described these programs in detail along with the nuclear rocket which we compared to chemical rockets. Norm made it very clear that one needs a mission to do these programs. Another way of saying it, is to make sure there is a need. Since there was no need (no mission), the programs were cancelled.

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