Nicholas Eftimiades

Nicholas Eftimiades is founder and Chairman of the Board of the Federation of Galaxy Explorers, a non-profit educational organization, to capture youth interest and teach space related science and engineering. He created the program and led hundreds of volunteers, agencies, and businesses in implementing summer camps, after-school programs, and special events. The Director and Advisory Boards include prominent industry officials, former astronauts, retired and active duty General Officers, and Members of Congress. In the four years since its inception, Galaxy Explorers volunteers have enriched the lives of over 15,000 children in seven states.

Broadcast 608 (Special Edition)

Nicholas Eftimiades was the guest for this special Space Show program. Nick began the interview by providing us with the background for his founding the Federation of Galaxy Exploers (FOGE). In listening to Nick tell us about his plans and the implementation of them, we soon learned the reasons behind his success in only four short years and just how his organization, rich with volunteers, ha been able to enrich the lives the children participating in the program.

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