Neil McGilvray

Neil McGilvray’s primary responsibility with ROCKETS Magazine is focused on photography and writing articles such launch reports, editorial comment, and human interest aspects of our adventures in rocketry. Liberty Launch Systems is a parallel endeavor that came about as a logical extension of the networking opportunities that ROCKETS Magazine provides. Neil’s role with Liberty Launch Systems, (LLS), is oriented toward identifying and managing projects that can benefit from Liberty Launch Systems expertise. Projects that benefited from LLS are Wedge Oldham and Jeff Anisette’s Nike Ajax Booster, Team Mavericks P-Ref.1 Project, Team Mavericks Q-P Doll Project and most recently Steve Eve’s record breaking 1:10 scale Saturn V. Neil has had articles published in the former HPR Magazine as well as Extreme Rocketry. Neil’s educational and profession back ground is as wide and varied as the rockets he flies. Neil McGilvray is the recipient of a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University, U.S. Coast Guard Unlimited Steam & Diesel Horsepower Merchant Marine License from Calhoon Engineering School, First Grade Stationary Engineers License from the State of Maryland. Neil has worked for the past 25 years as a Project Manger responsible for 10 to 50 million dollar commercial and industrial mechanical systems installation projects, annually. Neil has been a member of Tripoli since April of 1996 and is an active Level III flier. Neil is the current Vice President of MDRA. Neil is known for being the driving force behind some of the largest projects that High Power Rocketry has ever seen such as the 2004 world record setting 1,368 pound “Liberty Project” and the ill fated LDRS 22 P-motor powered “Cow” rocket with subsequent multiple O and P motor flights. Neil was featured with the “Cow” rocket on the Discovery Channel’s Rocket Challenge. Neil appeared as part of Team Loki on Master Blasters and on Weapons Master. Neil has also consulted with the Myth Busters television series.

Broadcast 1159 (Special Edition)

Guests: Neil McGilvray & Bob Utley. Topics: High powered rocketry, Rockets Magazine, rocket engine certification, Merchant Marine, Somali pirates. Neil McGilvray and Bob Utley were our guests for this Space Show program which focused on high powered model rocketry, also referred to as hobby or amateur rocketry. We discussed the need to be credentialed by either Tripoli or the National Association of Rocketry to be able to fly H and larger rocket engines.

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