Nathan Horsley

Nathan Horsley is a space enthusiast attorney and a life-long space enthusiast who currently makes his living as a trial lawyer in Georgia. Mr. Horsley’s academic background includes an LL.M. from the International Institute of Air and Space Law in the Netherlands. After his studies in Leiden, Mr. Horsley spent several months working with the NASA Office of the General Counsel in the International, Commercial, and Intellectual Property practice group. He has published works dealing with issues including the influence of competition law on the development of European launch providers, trends in the development of the international launch market, and developments in the law governing U.S. launch licensing. Mr. Horsley is a member of the American Institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics and the European Centre for Space Law.

Broadcast 321 (Special Edition)

Nathan Horsley was the guest for this particular Space Show program. We discussed many legal issues pertaining to space tourism, launch vehicles, and space development. We explored the very nature of informed consent and how it might hold up in a legal action to protect a company using it for space flight participants. We also discussed if informed consent would be sufficient protection or if companies should plan on going to additional layers of protection for possible legal claims against their company should accidents or problem occur. Mr.


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