Mr. John King

John King has worked with thousands of championship business leaders and advocates to achieve extraordinary results. He has coached and worked with more than 25,000 people to excellence in their fields. He currently lead seminars, courses, and program in Southern California and often lectures at the Marshall School of Business at The University of Southern California. His clients have been featured on all major television networks and in The Wall Street Journal.

Broadcast 508 (Special Edition)

John King and Dr. Dave Logan were the guests for this Space Show program. Our discussion focused on the fundamental structure of stable partnerships and adult business behavior so that we can do a better job of building the space industry. This program came about because of the trash talking and destructive behavior so often found in the space community. Mr. King, Dr. Logan, and I wanted to address the problem head on and come up with solutions.

Broadcast 94 (Special Edition)

John King is a nationally recognized teacher, coach, and program leader with extensive experience in helping space advocates reach their advocacy goals. As president of JLS Consulting, Mr. King is in the unique position to work with space advocates and their organizations to produce striking results. This Space Show program discusses space advocacy, its organization, vision and future, especially in the aftermath of the tragic Columbia Space Shuttle accident.

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