Mr. Jim McDade

A space exploration advocate since his first space lecture at age 14 in 1968. Jim McDade is a technology and science commentator and lecturer with numerous articles published in newspapers, blogs, and other media. Jim is currently the house "space expert for Alabama's "THE SOURCE" radio group, and a frequent columnist for the Birmingham News, Alabama's largest newspaper. Founder of SpaceADG and former University of Alabama Birmingham Technology Director, where he was graduated after studies in MIS, engineering, and computer science. Jim is currently working on a space exploration primer for grade school students and teachers while the Space Shuttle program is essentially on hold.

Broadcast 1291 (Special Edition)

Guest: Jim McDade. Topics: space polls, Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel, Constellation, Direct. Jim McDade was our guest for this Space Show program, discussing a wide variety of topics from recent Rasmussen space polls, the Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP), and much more. In segment one, we jumped right into the Rasmussen poll showing 50% of Americans favor a cut in NASA spending.

Broadcast 642 (Special Edition)

Jim McDade returned to The Space Show for a special tribute program dedicated to Apollo 8, the flight that went around the Moon, Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, 1968. Jim discussed the flight in detail, compared it to events taking place today in space and the country and we played many of the actual Apollo 8 cuts including the liftoff, the TLI, TEI pre and post and much more. We also played the crew reading from Genesis as they orbited the Moon. Jim fielded many questions and comments from listeners regarding then and now. Don't miss this tribute program!

Broadcast 432 (Special Edition)

Jim McDade returned to The Space Show to provide us with space news updates and interesting perspective on the top space news stories of the day. We began the discussion with an extensive review of the Space Shuttle and how Jim sees the future for the return to flight program. He believes that Shuttle will need to fly for several more years as he thinks it will have to remain in service until a CEV is available or at least within 18 months of being ready for flight.

Broadcast 251 (Special Edition)

Jim McDade returned to The Space Show to discuss space and politics. He discussed the history of space in our political campaigns, the latest from both presidential candidates, the likelihood of space being a political issue for either candidate, and the role of Congress in the space program. We talked extensively about the private sector, Space Ship One, the X-Prize, NASA, and space access. This also led him into a discussion about the three fatal space accidents and conspiracy theories surrounding them, especially the Apollo fire.

Broadcast 181 (Special Edition)

Jim McDade returns to The Space Show to discuss the leading space events of 2003 and to look ahead to 2004 for space development. Mr. McDade discusses the importance of space in the main news stories in the United States for 2003 and the same for the top news stories in China for 2003. He discusses Mars and challenge to get robotic missions to Mars, using Beagle 2 as an example. Mr. McDade explains why human missions are so much more likely to succeed in a space mission than a robotic mission, using several of the Apollo missions as an example.

Broadcast 147 (Special Edition)

Jim McDade returned to this special Space Show program to discuss the CAIB report which was issued on Tuesday, August 26, 2003. Jim went through all of the important parts of the report, fielded questions from listeners, explained the physics behind the foam impact analysis and discussed the future of NASA given CAIB recommendations and NASA culture.

Broadcast 145 (Special Edition)

Jim McDade returns to The Space Show to discuss the upcoming CAIB report regarding the Columbia Space Shuttle accident. Mr. McDade talks about the problems and recommendations that most likely will be included in the CAIB, what his contacts in the industry are telling him, the previous and present NASA culture and management and the differences, and much more. This is an especially timely, relevant, and important discussion about our present and future space development program.

Broadcast 102 (Special Edition)

Jim McDade is the Director of Technology at the University of Alabama Birmingham Business and Engineering Complex as well as the founder and coordinator of the SpaceADG electronic newsletter. During this program, Jim updates us on the Columbia accident investigation, discusses the effects of all the space accidents on our efforts to develop space commerce, we talk about the much needed new space transportation vehicles.

Broadcast 92 (Special Edition)

Jim McDade and Tom McKeever discuss the Columbia shuttle accident and what it means to space development. In addition, we discuss the need for a new national day of recognition for our space program. Together as co-founders of a new drive to support such a day, Mr. McDade and Mr. McKeever started a petition drive which is explained to The Space Show listeners. You can learn more about this proposal and sign the petition by visiting

Broadcast 87 (Special Edition) Jim McDade

Jim McDade, the Director of Technology at the University of Alabama Birmingham Business and Engineering Complex, is also the founder and coordinator of SpaceADG electronic newsletter. During our interview, Mr. McDade discusses his areas of interest, including giving us excellent reasons why we need to be exploring space. He also talks about the Moon/Mars debate, the Moon hoax, The Apollo 1 fire and the Challenger accident. McDade helps us to identify the facilitators for helping humanity to both live and work off-Earth.

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