Mike Kelly

Michael S. Kelly is a 26 year veteran of the aerospace industry, across the spectrum of land-based strategic missiles, missile defense, and government and commercial space launch. He is an inventor, entrepreneur, and advocate for capitalism in space. Beginning in 1980 at TRW Ballistic Missiles Division, Mr. Kelly acquired an extensive background in system engineering, procurement, development, test, and deployment of large missile systems in the Peacekeeper and Small ICBM programs. In 1987, he began applying his experience to the commercial space launch field. In that field, he is best known as: • Inventor of the TRW family of low-cost, modular, solid propellant launch vehicles • Co-founder and Director of Engineering for the TRW Space Launch Services Organization • Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Kelly Space & Technology, Inc., a pioneering company in the reusable launch and space applications fields • Inventor of the tow-launch technique for space vehicles, demonstrated in an award-winning series of manned flights at NASA/Dryden Flight Research Center • Chairman of the Reusable Launch Vehicles Working Group of COMSTAC In 2005-2006 Mr. Kelly ran the Flight Operations portion of the first two X PRIZE Cup events, which successfully pioneered the public space and rocket show. Recently, he founded AMPAC Technology Group, LLC, to pursue strategic technology-based business opportunities. He also consults to various companies involved in the NewSpace industry.

Broadcast 746 (Special Edition)

Michael Kelly was the guest for this Space Show program. The main focus of this show was our reusable launch vehicle (RLV) discussion. Mike took us through all aspects of RLV engineering, R&D, economics to show us why and how we could have RLVS very quickly with the real hope of lowering our cost to space. Many listener questions were asked of Mike, including many dealing with the R&D, accounting, and economic issues.

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