Mike Dinn

Mike Dinn is the retired Australian Tracking Station Director of the Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex, one of three similar facilities comprising NASA/JPL's Deep Space Network. He worked at CDSCC and other NASA tracking facilities in Australia from the 60s to the 90s , the highlight being Apollo 11.

Broadcast 167 (Special Edition)

Mike Dinn and John Saxon joined The Space Show from Canberra, Australia as these two gentlemen were part of the Australian communications team that help make possible Apollo era and Skylab communications and television pictures available to us all, from the Moon and from space. Mike and John talked about their experiences, the work they did with NASA, their views on the space programs of today, space programs and education in Australia, the movie "The Dish" and lots more. This is an historical program that documents this important era of a our manned space program.

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