Michael Simon

Michael Simon is an aerospace electronics engineer. He is a graduate of the US Navy Nuclear Power School ('66). After his stint in the Navy he worked for Raytheon Computer on the computers for the displays of the Air Traffic Control Routing Centers. In 1977 he designed the I/O board that went into the World's First BBS. He helped Randy Suess And Ward Christiansen in debugging some hardware issues related to the use of the board for the BBS. He currently resides in the Mid-West near Chicago. He has been an avid fan of Polywell Fusion ever since he heard (via the magic of the internet) Dr. Bussard give his Google talk in November of 2006.

Broadcast 1279 (Special Edition)

Guests: Tom Ligon; Michael Simon. Topics: Polywell fusion, fusion, space propulsion. Tom Ligon returned to The Space Show and we welcomed Michael Simon to update us on the Dr. Bussard fusion program with Polywell Fusion and more. We started our first segment with an overview of Dr. Bussard's fusion work.. Our gusts brought us current with the status of the EMC2 Fusion Development Corporation and explained Polywell Fusion, the concept of using Proton Boron-11 (PB-11) fuel, along with the idea of using HE3 on the Moon.

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