Michael Laine

Michael Laine, MBA, (Expected ‘13) – President, LiftPort Group Laine has been involved with Space Elevator research since the 2001 NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts study. Laine manages a talented and diverse team from academia, government, commercial and military communities. Laine helped in the creation of the NASA Centennial Challenges related to this idea, and years later, it was his former team-members (at LaserMotive) who won the competition. Laine’s team at LiftPort has created carbon nanotubes in a small lab, discovered and tested a new CNT+metal alloy, and built robots that have climbed a mile into the sky on Ribbons held aloft by large helium balloons. Laine’s business acumen and management, coupled with his media, marketing and outreach skills have transformed this project from an obscure NIAC paper study to a real world program with tangible results. Laine’s company, LiftPort Group, is experiencing a renaissance. It recently shifted gears to focus on a Lunar Space Elevator Infrastructure. Laine’s mandate to his team has three elements: 1) “Sputnik-like” simplicity – the minimum workable system possible. 2) Purchase Order Technology – if you can’t order the components, you can’t use it in the design specification. 3) Single Launch Solution – recognition that we are only going to get one shot at this. Echoing President Kennedy’s commitment, Laine and LiftPort believe we can create an Elevator on the Moon “…before this decade is out.” Laine is the President of the US Alumni Association for the International Space University, and on the boards of both the Leeward Space Foundation and Space Literacy Foundation.

Broadcast 1943 (Special Edition)

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Broadcast 1739 (Special Edition)

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Broadcast 717 (Special Edition)

Michael Laine, the CEO of LiftPort, was the guest for this Space Show program. Michael came on the show to describe in detail the current situation facing LiftPort as well as himself. He talks about the financial difficulties they are facing, their upcoming timeline, Michael's having funded LiftPort and then the loss of his building and much more. Here the facts directly from Michael Laine. He also provides some current information the space elevator. Many listeners had questions for him about how LiftPort can generate a cash flow, a product mix for the company and much more.

Broadcast 481 (Special Edition)

Michael Laine, CEO of LiftPort, returned as the guest for this special show. LiftPort specializes in working toward developing the space elevator concept. I urge you all to just sit back and listen to Michael. He is transformed on this program, its the best Michael Laine interview ever on The Space Show. We learn about LiftPort and its technology, the ribbons, the manufacturing process, all sorts of issues about the elevator and even tethers. Michael is frank, open, and full of interesting and revealing information.

Broadcast 308 (Special Edition)

Michael Laine, president and founder of LiftPort, Inc., was the guest for this edition of The Space Show. Mr. Laine began by discussing the space elevator concept, explaining the basics about it, then moving on to discuss the basic plan behind LiftPort. Mr. Laine fielded numerous questions during the that enabled him to explain specific technical aspects of the space elevator to his own capital acquisition plans and the business plan for LiftPort.

Broadcast 143 (Special Edition)

Michael Laine, President of LiftPort, Inc. is the guest on this edition of The Space Show. Mr. Laine is the co-founder of High Lift System and the space elevator concept. During this interview, Mr. Laine fully discusses the business and financial aspects of the space elevator concept and program and key elements of the space elevator business plan. Mr. Laine also describes the technology behind the space elevator and the possible use of advance laser technology in conjunction with the space elevator. Mr.


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