Meghann Ribbens

Meghann Ribbens is a second-year PhD student at USC in the Molecular Biology Program. She is currently working on microbial fuel cells as an alternative energy source for special applications. Meghann also works with bacteria isolated from the JPL Spacecraft Assembly Facility that are very resistant to environmental insults. She is a Teaching Assistant Fellow at USC, working with other outstanding teaching assistants to create learning modules for new TAs, and a tutor for high school kids. She graduated from UCLA in 2004 with a bachelor's in biochemistry. She's been a member of the Mars Society since she was 17, and has lobbied on Capital Hill in the ProSpace March Storm. She is also an Objectivist.

Broadcast 687 (Special Edition)

Meghann Ribbens was the guest for this Space Show program. As Meghann is a PhD student at USC, we focused our discussion on what space is like for her generation and others in school, including high school. As we found out, its not a burning passion, a hot career subject or even a major point of interest for most her age. However, as she is in a molecular biology program, Meghann did stress the excitement and importance that people have around the search for and discovery of biological life on Mars or anyplace off Earth. You will certainly want to hear the full discussion of this subject.

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