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Matthew Allner received a BS in Biology, a BA in Secondary Education, and a minor in Psychology from Briar Cliff University in 1997. Married his wife (Jessica) in 2000 and they have two wonderful children, Isabelle and Nathan. He is currently finishing his Masters in Space Studies from the University of North Dakota with a thesis development in the area of space psychology and human performance in extreme environments. He has been working as a secondary level science teacher for twelve years now, having taught in California, two school districts in Iowa, and now in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He was an active rescue diver and training officer for the Siouxland Dive Rescue Team for three years while in Iowa. As a young scientist he is studying group dynamics in high-risk environments where aspects of research and experience with the dive team he was on, helped him gain experience and insights into the development of suggestions and research in this area. He has also presented science research at the 2006 COSPAR (Bejing, China) and the 2006 IAC (Valencia, Spain). Recently he received NASA sponsorship to present research at the 2008 COSPAR (Montreal, Canada) and the 2008 IAC (Glasgow, Scotland). He has participated in research expeditions to the Atacama Desert in Chile, the Mojave Desert, and to the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah where he furthered his psychology studies of group dynamic development in Isolated Confined Extreme (ICE) environments. Certified in CPR and First-Aid, he also speaks Spanish and is learning Russian. Hobbies include spending time with his family and extreme sports (surfing, climbing, diving, mountain biking, and snowboarding).

Broadcast 1311 (Special Edition)

Guest: Matthew Allner. Topics: space education, STEM, astronaut selection process. Matt Allner returned for this program to talk about space education and his teaching experiences, the NASA Explorer School program, how to become a NASA astronaut, and related items. This two hour program was in two segments. In our first segment, Matt got right into teaching issues including "teaching to the test." He got several questions wanting him to tell us all what is wrong with our educational system today, especially with science, fact, STEM, and space.

Broadcast 1028 (Special Edition)

Guests: Bev Fetter, Matt Allner, Nate Ambler, and North Dakota State Senator Ray Holmberg were our guests today live from Glasgow, Scotland reporting back to us from the IAF 2008 conference sponsored by the International Astronautical Federation (IAF). We began our discussion with Matt who talked about his two presentations regarding space psychology research and spaceship crew performance. Note who collaborated with him on these studies as he describes them both and his presentations.

Broadcast 735 (Special Edition)

Matthew Allner was the primary guest for this Space Show program. Matt was joined by his student Buddy and Buddy's father Glen as the team discussed the recently completed Spaceward Bound program with four West Middle School student from Sioux City, Iowa in which they participated in a three-day expedition to simulate a space expedition on Mars. Matt explained the program and we were then joined by Buddy who told us about the program from his student perspective. We learned about his goals, science objectives and experiments, his preparation and more.

Broadcast 500 (Special Edition)

Matt Allner was the guest for this Space Show program which focused on space education programs at the middle school level. Matt was joined on the program by two of his 6th grade students calling in explaining space education programs from their perspective. Mr. Allner talked about the NASA Explorer School Program, NEEMO, and the NASA Educator Astronaut Program. Mr.

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