Martin Berkovitz

Martin Berkovitz, with his unique talents and perspectives, is extremely well qualified to explore our spiritual connection to outer-space and why so many of us feel and believe that we have some type of spiritual relationship with space. Drawing from his own experiences as a spiritual teacher and artist, Mr. Berkovitz outlines the transformative action steps we can use in developing an off-Earth presence and in improving our living here on Earth. Mr. Berkovitz will share with us how best to integrate our spiritual connections to outer space with our efforts to become space-faring to facilitate our moving forward in creating the type of world and space presence we have talked about on this radio show and that we all want. He talks about the role of art in our society and the leadership and courage that is often needed in the art world just like in the commercial space world.

Broadcast 115 (Special Edition)

Guest: Martin Berkovitz was The Space Show guest for this program. Mr. Berkovitz, an accomplished and internationally known artist, Agni Yoga spiritual teacher, and futurist with a keen interest and concern in developing a space-faring society, discusses the nature of our spiritual connection to outer-space. this discussion covers a wide range of topics from space art to alien intelligence on Earth and its contribution to space development and commerce. Mr.


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