Margaret Jordan

Ms. Jordan has more than quarter of a century of professional experience as a space systems engineer. She has been involved in systems engineering and system test of satellite ground system software, software systems reliability analysis and software mission support. In addition, Ms. Jordan has experience with space hardware systems engineering, which includes low Earth orbit telecommunications support, commercial and civil space strategic planning, commercial space system cost modeling and technical feasibility analysis, mission analysis and planning, commercial space business development, and microgravity materials processing experimental design and integration, and space-qualified military hardware production. Ms. Jordan has a doctorate in astrophysics. She previously received a B.S. in physics from the University of California at Irvine, and additional job-related training in the following areas: C++ programming, design for competitiveness, space systems engineering and orbital mechanics. She is an amateur astronomer, and a high-power rocketry enthusiast. Ms. Jordan is committed to bring the vision of human communities in space to reality.

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