Marc Schlather

Marc Schlather is the President of Pro Space. ProSpace, a grassroots space policy organization, was founded ten years ago to focus attention on Capitol Hill toward needed changes in American space policy, and to facilitate the opening of space to new ventures and to more Americans. Mr. Schlather also serves as executive director of the Space Roundtable at the United States Senate. While not officially chartered by the Senate, the Roundtable counts eleven Senators as its chairs. Their joint commitment is to promote a wide-ranging conversation on space policy on Capitol Hill. Mr. Schlather has written extensively on United States space policy, focusing on space transportation, export controls, ISS cost overruns and the threat to the planet from near earth objects. His work has appeared in a number of publications, including Space News, Florida Today and Space Times. He is the author of the section entitled “The Legislative Challenge In Space Transportation Financing” in the book “Space: The Free Market Frontier, ” published by the Cato Institute.

Broadcast 296 (Special Edition)

Marc Schlather was the guest for this edition of The Space Show. We began the interview with Mr. Schlather telling us about ProSpace, why and how it was formed, and about the superb ProSpace program, March Storm. Mr. Schlather discussed March Storm in some detail throughout the program and interested Space Show listeners can learn more about it by visiting During this program, we were treated to a comprehensive analysis of most things impacting the alt as well as the traditional commercial and civil space world.

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