Marc Boucher

Marc Boucher is an entrepreneur, technologist, explorer and bon vivant. In 1991 he discovered his entrepreneurial gene and began work on his first Internet technology company and hasn't looked back since. He founded for-profit companies aTerra Technologies, Maple Square, Hyperix and co-founded SpaceRef and MoonViews. He also co-founded the following non-profits, the Mars Society (Canada), the Mars Institute, and the Canadian Space Commerce Association. His most recent project is the launching of SpaceRef's new magazine, Space Quarterly.

Broadcast 820 (Special Edition)

Marc Boucher, co-founder of and The Mars Institute was the guest for this show. Among the many topics we explored together were the results of the recent space elevator climber contests held in Salt Lake City. Marc was there and gave us our first comprehensive report on the events that took place over the climber weekend. We then moved to space elevator technology and plausibility. Marc is bullish but quite practical. You will want to hear his comments regarding the space elevator.


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