Manny Pimenta

Mr. Pimenta has created the virtual reality lunar DVD for PCs, Lunar Explorer ( He is also currently an Applications Engineering Manager for a New Jersey company that engineers and manufactures computer systems used by electric distribution, water, and gas utilities, as well as transportation systems like CTA, Washington Metro, and Amtrak. He has an Electrical Engineering background and a Masters in Computer Science. Like many other people, he has had a life long interest in space exploration. He decided to join the Space Frontier Foundation after attending a Return To The Moon conference in Las Vegas and finding that many of the ongoing private efforts to push the space exploration vision were driven by Foundationers. After so many years of waiting for NASA or the Government to open up space for all of us and becoming disillusioned that it would ever happen, he was encouraged to find that an alternate possibility existed and was gaining viability with each passing year: private enterprise will open space for all of us. He also found that, through the Space Frontier Foundation, he had an opportunity to participate and contribute to this great cause. Mr. Pimenta has been a member of the Board of Directors of SFF. He has been an advocate with the Foundation since 2002 and was the former Advocate Director.

Broadcast 1001 (Special Edition)

Guest: Manny Pimenta returned to The Space Show to discuss Lunar Explorer, his interactive global model of the Moon which is available for home PCs. This software is an interactive, virtual reality program detailing the features on the surface of the Moon. We talked about how the software was made using the Clementine data and what one can do with the software to simulate being and working on the Moon and even on a lunar outpost/settlement.

Broadcast 618 (Special Edition)

Manny Pimenta returned to The Space Show for this program to discuss his newly created and released DVD, Lunar Explorer. Lunar Explorer is the world's first interactive global model of the Moon available for home PCs. It gives you a realistic visual experience of being on the surface of the Moon and having worked with samples of this program at conferences, I can attest to its high quality and simulated reality. Manny discussed how he got the idea to create the experience and the process he went through to create it as a DVD that works on our home computers.

Broadcast 237 (Special Edition)

Manny Pimenta returned to the Space Show for this holiday broadcast to talk about the upcoming Space Frontier Foundation's (SFF) Return to The Moon Conference (RTM) to be held in Las Vegas the weekend of July 16-18. As a member of the Board of Directors and the conference coordinator, Manny spoke about the importance of this conference and the events of 2004 that have unfolded to date to make this year's conference amazingly special!

Broadcast 200 (Special Edition)

Manny Pimenta, the guest on The Space Show for this 200th program, is a member of the Board of Directors and an Advocate for The Space Frontier Foundation. He is in charge of organizing the upcoming, very important Return to the Moon Conference to be held in July in Las Vegas, NV. We discussed the need for this conference as well as for returning to the Moon. Mr.

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