Lucinda Weisbach

Lucinda Weisbach is a life-time member of the Mars Society and someone who has been familiar with Dr. Zubrin's Mars Direct plan since NASA's adoption in 1989. She began her activist role on their Political Task Force raising awareness within the organization. As a member of the political web team and a regional coordinator for the east coast, she directly aids members to write and meet with their local representatives. This summer Lucinda was a member of the Space Exploration Alliance, comprised of over 20 major non-profit space advocacy organizations including Mars Society and the NSS, who lobbied in Washington D.C. for FY 2005 funding and support for the Moon, Mars, and Beyond initiative. The Mars Society's main goal is to send humans to Mars and believes the U.S. Space Administration needs to be goal driven. Some of the representatives she met with were Silicon Valley's own Zoe Lofgren District 16 and Dick Obermann minority consultant for the Science Committee on the Hill. Recently, she attended the Mars Society conference in Chicago where she was promoted to Director of Public Relations. Her new job as Director is to promote Mars Society as well as to educate and prepare the general public for becoming a spacefaring society. With a background in Earth and Space Science and future plans for a degree in Space Law she aims to make Mars Society and the Mars Direct vision a household name and believes wholeheartedly that it is inevitable that humans go to Mars.

Broadcast 281 (Special Edition)

Lucinda Weisbach was the guest for this Space Show program. We discussed her role as a member of the Space Exploration Alliance (SEA), what the SEA is, its membership, and its contribution to seeing to it that new new space policy vision becomes space policy. Lucinda talked about the Mars Society as well, how both the organization and Dr. Zubrin support the SEA and the president's vision. We also spoke about outreach and space advocacy. Lucinda shared her experiences with us in meeting her elected representatives and lobbying them on space matters.

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