Lon Levin

Lon Levin is an entrepreneur and executive with over 20 years experience in the space, new media, and telecommunications industries. Lon is the Chief Strategic Officer of Transformational Space Corporation, which will provide crew and cargo transportation services to low Earth orbit. He serves as Senior Advisor to Slacker, a company that will offer personal radio via the web, wi-fi, and satellite. He is the cofounder of XM Satellite Radio and played an integral role in the formation and development of other satellite, media, and wireless companies including Mobile Satellite Ventures, XM Canada, Motient Corporation, American Mobile Satellite Corporation, and TerreStar Networks. Before his corporate career, Lon was a partner in the law firm Gurman, Kurtis, Blask & Freedman, where he specialized in space, satellite, media, and wireless matters. He started his career as an attorney at the Federal Communications Commission. Throughout the 90s, Lon served as a US Delegate at many International Telecommunication Union conferences. Lon serves on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the Space Foundation, the Board of Directors of the Planetary Society, the Board of Governors of the National Space Society, and the Board of Directors of International Association of Space Entrepreneurs. He was a founding board member of the Satellite Industry Association and was its co-chairperson from 1996-98. Lon was inducted into the Space Foundation Technology Hall of Fame in 2002.

Broadcast 841 (Special Edition)

Lon Levin was the guest for this two hour Space Show program which first aired Wednesday, November 28, 2007. Writing a short synopsis of this program is a challenge due to the variety of interesting and important topics mentioned by Lon and listeners. Among the topics we discussed included space investment and the investing process, management, emotions, confidence, being turned down and rejected, listening skills, getting feedback, dreams and realities versus fantasy, business plans, the idea, and execution.

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