Linda Plush

Linda Plush is the founding president and current Executive Director of the Space Nursing Society. She is also Vice-President of Space Medicine Associates. Ms Plush has been on several panels and task forces related to her interests in healthcare in space and extreme environments. She is a life member of the Aerospace Medical Association. Over the years she has worked on the use of medications in the space environments, healthcare issues for suborbital, ISS, and long duration spaceflight. She has served at NASA-JSC on both the Therapeutics & Clinical Care Integrated Product Team and the Advanced Projects Team. These are honorary advisory panels which review and advise scientists and flight personnel on operational issues related to: clinical management and drug treatment, choice of medications, pharmaco-therapeutic research goals, emerging technologies and procedures/telemedicine for the US Space Program. Recently in the news, the focus has been on the future needs of the civilian passengers participating in scheduled sub-orbital flights and considerations for off-world flights to the Moon and Mars.  

Broadcast 328 (Special Edition)

Linda Plush and Dr. Eleanor O'Rangers of the Space Nursing Society were the guests for this program. They spoke about various aspects and details of human factors affecting space travel. This discussion ranged from factors that impact well-trained astronauts to the factors most likely going to impact the average space tourist. These factors include space sickness, acceleration problems, medicines, female reproductive issues, bone issues, possible mental issues and lots more.

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