Layla Martin

Martin is a Master's degree candidate in International Relations at Harvard University (2021). Her research focus includes space as a strategic asset, low earth orbit (LEO) and medium earth orbit (MEO) boundary conditions, satellite security and dual-use technology.

Martin is a former Creative Director in the International Relations department at Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. While at Warner Bros., Martin oversaw 32 international offices and collaborated on many projects including the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings franchises, The Sopranos, The Kubrick Collection and the reinvigoration of the MGM/Turner catalog.

Martin established a private, non-profit family foundation in 2012 to provide small loans to women without access to traditional capital. The foundation has funded 43 loans to date, with a repayment rate of 94% (Q3 ‘19).

Martin co-founded the Astropolitics Institute in 2019 with Eligar Sadeh to promote the discipline.

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