Laura S. Woodmansee

Science Journalist Laura S. Woodmansee, author of "Women Astronauts" and the new book "Women of Space: Cool Careers on the Final Frontier" was the guest on The Space Show. She has a master's degree in journalism from the University of Southern California (USC). Laura has always been interested in space and hopes to someday see the Earth from orbit. Ms. Woodmansee is an expert on some of the more unusual people mentioned in her book "Women of Space" such as Jill Tarter, Joanne Gabrynowicz, Astronauts Shannon Lucid and Susan Helms, The Columbia and meeting the late K.C. Chawla. Her new book is "Sex in Space" which has been published by Apogee. Find out more about Laura and her work at

Broadcast 552 (Special Edition)

Laura Woodmansee, author of "Sex In Space" was the guest for the first hour of this show, followed by Open Lines for the balance of today's program. Ms. Woodmansee explained why she wrote this book, provided us with research stories and experiences, and talked about how difficult it was to get information about sex in space with astronauts, NASA and the Russians. She explained how important it was to get specific biological information in advance establishing space settlements.

Broadcast 184 (Special Edition)

Laura Woodmansee, author of Women Astronauts, joined the Space Show to discuss women in space as astronauts and in other related fields. Ms. Woodmansee cited numerous careers involving women in space, including museum curator, artist, and even a nun! It was a most interesting and informative discussion. Ms. Woodmansee was asked about the differences between men and women in space, if any, and the paths taken by each gender to create a career in space.

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