Karsan McGillicuddy

My name is Karsan (Whitty) McGillicuddy. I was born and raised in Minot, ND. Moved to Grand Forks for college at UND in 1998. Worked in the restaurant business all through college. Graduated from UND in 2003 with a degree in Communication and a minor in Psychology. After college I moved to Minneapolis, MN and worked for General Mills. But decided after the birth of my daughter that I wanted to move back to North Dakota to raise her. I was a stay at home Mom for 2 years and loved every minute of it. Eventually decided it was time to return to the work force and heard about a Space Aliens restaurant opening up and decided to get back to my restaurant roots and apply. I was lucky enough to get hired and opened the third Space Aliens restaurant in 2006. After the success of the Minot store they decided to open another one up in Grand Forks. I was more than happy to move to Grand Forks and continue working at Space Aliens as General Manager. The best part about my job is getting to meet new people everyday who love the fun atmosphere that this concept has and getting to see the kids eyes light up when our 7ft alien comes out to wish them a Happy Birthday.

Broadcast 1144 (Special Edition)

Guests: Dr. Michael Gruntman; Karsan McGillicuddy. Topics: History of rockets, astronautics, Grand Forks, ND, Space Aliens Grill and Bar. Dr. Mike Gruntman, Professor of Astronautics at the University of Southern California (USC) was our guest for the first segment of this special Space Show program. Dr. Gruntman delivered a colloquium talk to the Space Studies department of UND on April 6, 2009 on the history of rockets. With both his permission and the permission of Dr. David Whalen, Space Studies Chairman, this talk is being presented here as a Space Show program.

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