Broadcast 335 (Special Edition)

Wally Schirra and Ed Buckbee returned to The Space Show to discuss their new book, "The Real Space Cowboys." This is a must read for anyone interested in our Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo space programs. The book, published by Apogee, includes a terrific DVD with lots of new material, some of it quite funny. Not only did Wally and Ed talk about their experiences and the history which they each lived, we discussed issues of current importance for our becoming space-faring.

Broadcast 196 (Special Edition)

Captain Wally Schirra USN (RET), one of the original seven American astronauts, was the guest on The Space Show for this program. Captain Schirra spoke to us about his experiences as an astronaut, from the physical exams needed to qualify as a "Right Stuff" astronaut to the differences in going to space in Mercury, Gemini, and the Apollo capsules and their rockets. Capt. Schirra also talked about the importance of going to Mars as part of an international effort.

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