Joseph Kerian

Joseph Thomas Kerian is Computer science graduate student at the University of North Dakota. He is currently working on the ground control software related to AgCam. “Joe” originally grew up in the UND area in Grafton, ND. Joe has previously worked on experiments in magnetic susceptometry for the UND Physics Department at Argonne National Labs and has worked on programming tools for IBM in Rochester, Minnesota.

Broadcast 1100 (Special Edition)

Guests: Dr. Robert Kelley, Dr. George Seielstad, Nate Ambler, Joseph Kerian, Mark Grygier, Ben Schilling, Michael Thomas, Pablo DeLeon. Topics: UND multidiscipline educational vision for space and more, AgCam, spaceflight simulators. This special program consists of various segments separated from each other by about 5-7 seconds of spacing as there are no breaks separting the different interviews. We started this special taped set of interviews with an interview with Dr. Robert Kelley, the 11th President of the University of North Dakota. During this discussion, I asked Dr.

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