Jonathan Gleason

Jonathan Gleason is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Computer Science at Old Dominion University. He joined the DEVELOP program as the Virginia Homeland Security team co-lead in October of 2002 when working towards a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Christopher Newport University. Upon completion of undergraduate requirements, Jonathan began working in the DEVELOP National Program Office where he served as student Co-Director for a national team of 156 students. He is now participating in NASA Langley’s Graduate Cooperative Education program where he serves as Manager of Technology and Systems Integration for the DEVELOP Program. His primary research interests are in scientific data visualization.

Broadcast 638 (Special Edition)

NASA DEVELOP Project Students Amanda Ross, Jonathan Gleason and Amber Richards were the guest for this Space Show program to discuss the DEVELOP Program. Listeners can follow along with this discussion by visiting the DEVELOP Program website at Amanda, Jonathan and Amber each told us about their respective interest in space studies, how they heard about DEVELOP and what they do as part of the Develop team.

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