Jon Rogers

Although Jon Rogers was born, raised, and now resides north of Seattle, Washington, for many years he called the SF Bay Area his home. There he was an electronics and Aerospace engineer responsible for building microwave systems for the Space Shuttle, as well as the TDRSS, IntelSat IV, Goes, and SCS series Satellite systems. He holds a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from SJSU, Certifications in Program Management from UC, and Manufacturing Engineering from SME. Jon has been involved with Rockets and Aerospace his entire career. A witness to the Mercury space program, he was a Nike Fire Controller in ARADCOM, a communications technician at White Sands Missile Range, and a QA Inspector on the Apollo/LEM Comm. Antennas all before he became an engineer working on the Space Shuttle and Satellites. Since then, he has studied the development of spaceships from concept to reality becoming a recognized spaceship archeologist. He co-authored and illustrated The Spaceship Handbook, as well as articles on spaceships for Filmfax magazine and the AIAA Houston’s newsletter, Horizons (April, 2008). He was a speaker at the National Association of Rocketry Convention in Austin (NARCON 2002), the American Astronautical Society (AAS) 50th Annual National Convention (2003), and was interviewed along with co-author Jack Hagerty on Mike Hodel’s Hour 25 online Radio program at the San Jose World Science Fiction Convention (ConJose). He is presently developing a website (, dedicated to the history and Art of the spaceship.

Broadcast 1123 (Special Edition)

Guests: Jack Hagerty, Jon Rogers. Topics: Flying saucers in film and popular culture, science fiction, flying discs. Authors Jack Hagerty and Jon Rogers were the guests for this program to discuss their newly published book by Apogee, "The Saucer Fleet." As we started the discussion, the first order of business was to define flying saucer for the book and our discussion as "an aircraft or spacecraft with planar-circular wings that resembles a disc. 2) Any artwork or hardware made to indicate an aircraft or spacecraft that is shaped like a disk" as stated on Page iv of the book.

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