John Vornle

Mr. Vornle specializes in corporate governance and in managing the assets of closely held family offices. He has sat as a board member or senior financial advisor to a number of companies, including a private equity fund. He has held board positions with a publicly regulated electric utility, an Internet based healthcare Service Company, a sugar trading investment company, several real estate operations, a credit enhancement insurance company, a software biometric company, a publicly listed company, a European boarding school, and several charitable not-for-profit organizations. He chairs meetings and contributes to Audit, Compensation, Finance and Merger & Acquisition sub-committees. Mr. Vornle was formerly a Vice President for Continental Insurance and its subsidiaries (now CNA) where he organized deal production and the due diligence/ credit evaluation for investments in numerous asset classes including corporate equity and debt and real estate equity and debt. Mr. Vornle was also in charge of company wide new product development that included the use of financial instruments. He was previously a commercial banker as well as an internal examiner at European American Bank (now Citibank). Mr. Vornle received his Bachelor of Arts from Colgate University and a Master of Business Administration from New York University’s Graduate School of Business. He speaks French and German. Mr. Vornle is actively involved in Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Soccer and was appointed to the Youth Commission and Electricity Committee by his local town government. He is a former mountain guide and an avid skier, squash, foosball and chess player. Mr. Vornle blew up his first Apollo toy rockets in the 1960’s and has since evolved to discuss and promote the private financing of Space Exploration and Development.

Broadcast 1289 (Special Edition)

Guest: John Vornle. Topics: Space business finance, SSP, private equity solutions to develop space commerce. John Vornle of Long Term Capital was our guest for this program to discuss private space business capital acquisition models using space based solar energy. In our first segment, Mr. Vornle outlined three methods of financing space projects including the traditional government solution, public/private partnerships, and private equity financing which was the main topic for tonight's program.

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