John Draim

Captain John Draim (USN Retired) has broad military, operations, program management, and research & development expertise regarding space development. He is currently an Aerospace Consultant, Self-Employed. As consultant to the aerospace community, conducts studies and analysis of space and aircraft systems, concentrating on space systems design and analysis, development of new concepts in constellation design, guidance and control, and space systems design. Most recent consulting client: Alcatel Alenia Space, Toulouse, France. In addition, Capt. Draim is still a strong believer in floating launch, but, most of his recent work has been in satellite constellation design. Last week, he had a paper presented (with two MIT co-authors) on a TsunamiSat system. At the end of this month, he will have a paper (with three co-authors) at the international IAC 2007 conference in India; presenting several constellations for broadband communications serving Europe. He (along with the Russians) is a firm believer in the use of elliptical orbits for targeting coverage to meet the market.

Broadcast 767 (Special Edition)

John Draim was the guest for this special Space Show program. Mr. Draim, a retired captain in the USN, is an expert on floating launch and we discussed this type of rocket launch for the first hour of the program. We covered the history of floating launch, military vs. commercial launches, the advantages, disadvantages, and technology involved. Mr. Draim said multiple times that he has been involved with air launching of rockets, traditional ground/launch pad rocket launches, and floating launches and in his opinion, the floating launch always has advantages and is preferred.

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