John C. Nordlie

My education includes a Batchelor of Science in Computer Science and Geography, and a Master of Science in Space Studies. I currently work as a Research Assistant and Systems Administrator at the UND Regional Weather Information Center. Before that I did technical work for other UND departments including Space Studies, Electrical Engineering, and even Biochemistry. In my current job I also collaborate with other departments, such as Atmospheric Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, and Space Studies. Projects tied to these collaborations include Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Systems, rocketry, UAV payloads, and radar data systems. I hold a General-class amateur radio license, build and fly radio-controlled model aircraft, am an amateur astronomer, have competed in the Sports Car Club of America's Autocross competitions, built an electrically-powered bicycle, and have far too many other hobbies. In 1998 John Graham of the Space Studies Department and I created the UND High Altitude Balloon Project ( Our goal was to create access to 'near-space' for student spacecraft and engineering projects. The group consists of students, faculty members, and local amateur radio operators. Since 1998 the group has launched 30 free-flying missions and 7 tethered balloons.

Broadcast 829 (Special Edition)

Dr. Ron Fevig and John Nordlie were the guests for this program which had as its primary topic for discussion the high-altitude balloon launch and payload program here at the University of North Dakota. In addition, note that this program originated from Leighton Broadcasting in Grand Forks, ND. Along with listener questions and answers from Ron and John, this is a comprehensive discussion of student high-altitude balloon programs. We discussed, costs, tracking, finding payloads, mass, types of payloads and much more.

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