John Bucknell

John R. Bucknell graduated from Cleveland State University in 1995 with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and the University of Michigan in 1999 with a master’s in systems engineering.  He has led advanced engineering teams at Chrysler and General Motors for three production high performance engine families, was the Senior Propulsion Engineer for the Raptor full-flow staged combustion methalox rocket engine at Space Exploration Technologies, the VP Propulsion for Divergent3D in Torrance, CA developing additively manufactured vehicle technologies and now CEO and Founder of Virtus Solis Technologies.  Published technical work includes high efficiency/low operational cost internal combustion engines, economic carbon-neutral synthetic fuel processes and high performance air-breathing nuclear rockets as well as forty six US patents.


Friday, June 2, 2023: The John Bucknell program has been canceled due to Cox internet failure

Listeners:  This program has been rescheduled for Friday, June 23, 2003.

Listeners, the program planned today, Friday, June 2, 2023 with John Bucknell has been canceled due to a Cox internet failure.  We will reschedule with John Bucknell as soon as possible.  

We will be resuming regular newsletters for the coming week so please check the Website Newsletter, the Upcoming Program Schedule and your Monday morning email newsletter for program information resuming Tuesday, June 6 with Bob Zimmerman.

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