Joel Powell

Joel Powell has authored Go For Launch which has been published by Apogee. Joel Powell has been a frequent visitor to Cape Canaveral in Florida over the past fifteen years and has witnessed over two dozen Atlas, Delta and Titan launches from the Cape. Growing up in western Canada during the Apollo moon landing era, Mr. Powell has maintained a life-long interest in space exploration in general and Cape Canaveral in particular. He has toured many of the historic Canaveral launch complexes, and participated in the successful rediscovery of the Alpha-Draco launch emplacement at old pad 10 in 2001. Joel Powell is a freelance correspondent for SPACEFLIGHT magazine and serves as a Department Editor for QUEST magazine, a quarterly journal of space history. This is Mr. Powell’s third book project.

Broadcast 536 (Special Edition)

Joel Powell was the guest for this Space Show program. As the focus was on his book about the history of Cape Canaveral, "Go For Launch: An Illustrated History of Cape Canaveral" published by Apogee, we began with a brief history of the Cape. For history buffs, you will certainly enjoy this program as Joel takes us through the history with military rockets, test rockets, commercial efforts and NASA launches over the 56 year history of this rocket center.

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