Joe Lennox

Joe Lennox is the author of “Visions For Space.” Mr. Lennox has been captivated by space flight since he was a little boy. Born in the Bronx, New York, he has spent a lifetime studying about space. His private museum of space artifacts has been called one of the largest and most complete in the Country. His dream of being a NASA flight controller ended because of serious eye problems but he feel he has achieved his goal of being part of the space program through the teaching he doe. He hopes that some day, one of his space class students will be the first human to walk on Mars. He has told this motivating, historical and interesting story in his newly released boob "Vision For Space".

Broadcast 364 (Special Edition)

Joe Lennox, author and space educator returned for this very special Space Show program aimed at our younger listeners in our Space Show audience. Everything we discussed in this program was directed toward and with a perspective of speaking to kids from the fourth grade on up. We began the discussion by commenting on the Return to Flight with Discovery scheduled for Tuesday morning, July 26.

Broadcast 302 (Special Edition)

Joe Lennox, author of "Visions For Space," was the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Lennox proved to be a most inspiring and passionate guest as he told his personal story of developing his interest in space, creating a now famous space museum detailing our human space flight program, and teaching space subjects to children and adults. Mr. Lennox did all of this while fighting serious eye and vision problems. His new book, "Visions For Space," details this saga.


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