Joe Cardin

Joe Cardin is the Senior Director for Product and Business Development for VACCO Industries Space Products. He has 27 years in the space business including nine years as Senior Project Engineer, Moog Space Products Division; six years as Manager of R&D at Marotta Scientific Controls; and twelve years at VACCO Industries working as Director of Engineeering, Director of Quality, Senior Director of Business Development, and presently as the Senior Director of New Product Development. He has five patens and more than twenty technical papers to his name.

Broadcast 1323 (Special Edition)

Guest: Joe Cardin; Dr. Steve Harrington. Topics: space policy, workforce issues, marketing, customers. During our initial segment, our guest, Joe Cardin of VACCO Industries provides us with a unique perspective regarding the impact associated with the new space policy budget proposals announced Feb. 1 of this year. Mr. Cardin brings to our discussion a new and different set of perspectives and possible outcomes. Our discussion covered many topics from the cost of manufacturing space certified hardware to the market saying it wants something else, especially something cheaper.

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