Jim Crisafulli

A native of Los Angeles, Jim Crisafulli pursued joint undergraduate studies in Physics and Zoology at Harvey Mudd College and Pomona College in Claremont, California. Following a two-year assignment with the Peace Corps as a secondary school physics teacher in Fiji, he returned to Claremont Graduate University to obtain a Masters Degree in International Studies, with special emphasis on the technologies and economies of Asia/Pacific societies. In 1978, Jim was awarded a 3-year international research fellowship with the East-West Center in Honolulu, where he continued to investigate technology development issues affecting Asia/Pacific communities. He subsequently held positions as an economic development specialist and program director for the Honolulu Community Action Program (HCAP) and the Economic Development Corporation of Honolulu. In 1988, Jim joined the Hawaii State Government to serve as Space Program Projects Manager for the State Office of Space Industry (until its closure in May, 1995), and subsequently served as Science & Technology Officer and Research & Development Coordinator for the State’s Dept. of Business, Economic Development & Tourism (DBEDT). In his current capacity as Director of DBEDT’s new Office of Aerospace Development (OAD), Jim serves as the State’s representative for the aerospace industry in Hawaii, and continues to work with various municipal, state, federal, and international agencies and institutions to promote innovative applications of advanced space-related technologies, with special emphasis on satellite telecommunications and space-based remote sensing networks, space-based power systems, disaster management networks, and commercial space launch activities. As Executive Director for the Japan-U.S. Science, Technology & Space Applications Program (JUSTSAP), Jim also coordinates bilateral and multinational space activities through Hawaii, including development of the Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems (PISCES) on the Big Island of Hawaii, to facilitate the research, development, testing and evaluation of innovative technologies, as well as professional training and aerospace education programs, to support future robotic and human missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond.

Broadcast 2179 (Special Edition)

Guest: Jim Crisafulli. topics: We discussed the Hawaii Office of Aerospace Development and Hawaiian programs to further space development. Please direct all comments and questions regarding Space Show programs/guest(s) to the Space Show blog, http://thespaceshow.wordpress.com. Comments and questions should be relevant to the specific Space Show program. Written Transcripts of Space Show programs are a violation of our copyright and are not permitted without prior written consent, even if for your own use.

Broadcast 1261 (Special Edition)

Guest: Jim Crisafulli. Topics: Hawaii commercial spaceport, aerospace development and commerce. We welcomed Jim Crisafulli, Director of the Hawaiian Office of Aerospace Development to the show. In our first segment, we focused on Hawaii's plan to develop a commercial spaceport to service spaceplanes for space tourism. We learned that Hawaii is in the process of preparing for an environmental assessment regarding expanding the usage of several of their commercial airports to include the horizontal takeoff and landing of a spaceplane.

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