Jim Baker

Jim Baker – Vice President and Deputy Program Manager, Apex/COTS Mr. Baker has over 17 years of systems engineering experience on a variety of human spaceflight programs. His project management experience includes systems engineering and integration roles on programs involving SPACEHAB, Spacelab, the ISS and Space Station Freedom, Alternate Access to Station, and the Orbital Space Plane. He was a project lead at Boeing for the qualification and acceptance testing of the ISS Active Thermal Control System hardware. He managed the development of science flight hardware and coordinated in-flight activities for experiment teams on Spacelab and Shuttle-Mir missions. A former radiological technologist, he began his engineering career as a systems engineer at McDonnell Douglas, developing a digital radiographic imaging system and medical video imaging equipment for Space Station Freedom. As a co-inventor of the modular, multipurpose spacecraft, he serves as the Deputy Program Manager for SPACEHAB’s Apex space access service.

Broadcast 537 (Special Edition)

Jim Baker of Spacehab was the guest for this special Space Show program. Mr. Baker began the interview by giving us a history of Spacehab and then talking about the Apex program and their participation in COTS. He then spent some time explaining COTS to us so that we would clearly understand what the program is and is not. We spent a good portion of the program discussing cargo transport to the ISS, EELV usage, reusability, and related items.

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