Jeffrey Morris

Filmmaker and Production Designer Jeffrey Morris is a life-long storyteller and science enthusiast. His post-modern stories depict positive and plausible worlds of tomorrow based upon realistic physics and projected technology. Humanity has always been inspired by narratives that challenge the status quo and drive us forward. Morris connects the dots between sci-fi, education, and vocational ambitions inspired by imagining and projecting the future.

Throughout history, technological and social progress began with a dream. Everything from the invention of the wheel to the development of the airplane was someone’s vision of a science-fiction future. Today’s sci-fi is driving commercial space endeavors and the quest for tomorrow’s energy solutions, and the advent of Artificial Intelligence and new forms of education are giving us new abilities to create a better tomorrow. Filmmaker and writer Jeffrey Morris connects the dots through discussing what he calls the “Continuum of Knowledge” and how we are being driven forward by the spark of imagination.

Through a fun and fascinating multimedia presentation, Visual Futurist Jeffrey Morris graphically illustrates how science fiction became technological and science fact. Everyday modern conveniences that we take for granted—like computers, advanced telecommunications, GPS, materials like velcro and entertainment technologies—have surprising and unexpected roots in the space program and in teh miss of dreams how were motivated to turn dreams into reality.

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