Janice Dunn

Janice Dunn is currently employed as Deputy Director by the California Space Authority, Inc. (CSA), a non-profit corporation founded to promote and advocate the continuing development and growth of California's Space Enterprise community. She serves as Director of Policy for the Aerospace States Association, is a Steering Group member for the Space Exploration Alliance, and is CSA's representative to the Coalition for Space Exploration. Ms. Dunn was graduated with honors from California State University San Diego in 1977 with a bachelor of arts degree in journalism and economics. She began her career by first serving as a newspaper reporter for The Vista Press and then serving as the producer of a news talk show on KSDO radio station in San Diego. Ms. Dunn subsequently entered law school and was graduated from the University of San Diego. She began her legal career as a law clerk with NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C., and was subsequently hired as an attorney at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. As a NASA attorney, Ms. Dunn focused upon government contract issues related to launch vehicles and satellite services. Ms. Dunn departed NASA in order to serve as a civilian attorney for the Air Force at Space and Missile Center in Los Angeles, California. While there, she focused upon labor and government contract issues, including the Air Force's procurement of medium launch vehicle services and implementation of the Commercial Space Launch Act which included drafting a model agreement for private sector use of Air Force launch property and services. Ms. Dunn subsequently served the Air Force as a civilian attorney assigned to the Office of the General Counsel in the Pentagon. In that capacity, she focused upon legal issues pertaining to the procurement of space systems. She also represented the Air Force in negotiations with Congress that led to the Commercial Space Launch Act Amendments of 1988. Ms. Dunn next served in the U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Science, as counsel to the Space Subcommittee. In that capacity, she provided legal counsel to members of Congress and committee staff on issues related to NASA programs, including expendable launch vehicles, commercial space, and the International Space Station. Ms. Dunn departed Congress in order to represent private sector clients in litigation related to federal government contracts. She later represented private sector clients and state government organizations in negotiations with Congress and the federal executive branch on funding and policy issues. In her capacity as General Counsel, Ms. Dunn provides legal advice to the Executive Director and the Board of Directors. In her capacity as Director of Federal Government Relations, she educates federal policymakers on strategic space issues. Ms. Dunn is a runner, an avid scuba diver, and a gardener.

Broadcast 1364 (Special Edition)

Guest: Janice Dunn. Topics: California Space Center and the California Space Authority (CSA). Janice Dunn of CSA returned for this program with new information on the California Space Center as well as other information pertaining to the California space workforce and upcoming programming for CSA. For more information, please visit the CSA website at www.californiaspaceauthority.org. In our first segment, Janice described the California Space Center project.

Broadcast 992 (Special Edition)

Guests: Andrea Seastrand and Janice Dunn with Matt Everingham of the California Space Authority (CSA), followed by Ken Davidian of NASA, followed by Jim Buenrostro of the team Technology Ranch at the NASA Lunar Regolith Challenge at Cal Poly were our guests for this set of taped interviews. We start this set of interviews with a message from me, your host of the Space Show, regarding the Falcon 1 launch attempt and my comments about it. As you will hear, I relate these comments and events to the Challenge which took place at Cal Poly this weekend.

Broadcast 806 (Special Edition)

The Honorable Andrea Seastrand and Janice Dunn, both of the California Space Authority (CSA), were the guests for this program. We started our discussion talking about the upcoming Transforming Space 2007 Conference in Los Angeles, CA, November 5-8, 2007. For Space Show listeners, you can register for a $100 discount by putting "Space Show" in the coupon slot on the online registration form. You will hear Ms. Dunn make this generous offer at the end of the interview.

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